Chen Yunhao

1. Personal Photograph

2. Brief Introduction

Name: Chen Yunhao Gender: Male
Nationality: Han Born: Gu Town of Anhui Province
Highest Degree: Ph.D.

In 1999, received a Ph.D. in Engineering from China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing.
Between 2000 and 2001, conducted research in Physical Geography at the Post-doctoral Station of Beijing Normal University.

Currently a Professor at the State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Resource Ecology and the College of Resources Science and Technology, Beijing Normal University.

Ph.D. supervisor in Cartography and Geography Information Systems (Engineering)

Research Interest: Ecology Resources and Environment Remote Sensing。

3. Teaching Experience

From 2002 to 2007, taught Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Technology at the post-graduate level
Since 2006, has directed Comprehensive Practice in Resources Information for undergraduates
Since 2006, has taught Measurement and Cartography for undergraduates

4. Social Work
Vice Chairman of the Youth Work Committee of the China Society of Natural Resources
Member of the Committee of Experts of the National Committee on Disaster Reduction
Permanent Member of the China Association Council on Remote Sensing Applications

5. Scientific Research
Research Projects Undertaken in Recent Years

No. Name of Project Source of Project Date of Project
1 Directional Model for Urban Surface Thermal Radiation and Angle Correction Method of Energy Flux National Natural Science Foundation of China 2008.01-2010.12
2 Research and Development of Digital Management Technology for Rural Land Supervision National Key Technology R&D Program 2007.01-2009.09
3 A Study on Disaster Information Detection, Risk Assessment, and Emergency Response Based on Remote Sensing and GIS International S&T Cooperation Program 2007.09-2009.09
4 Comprehensive Evaluation and Functional Districts of Beijing Wetland Resources Beijing Science and Technology Planning Project 2008.01-2010.12
5 A Multi-scale Dynamic Deduction of Urban Thermal Environment Supported by a Unified Theoretical Framework of Time- Extension Model and Space Downscaling
National Natural Science Foundation of China 2011.01-2012.12

6. Training and Exchange

7. Research Achievements

Works Published
(1) Chen Yunhao, Li Jing, Li Xiaobing. Remote Sensing Analysis of Urban Spatial Thermal Environment-- Pattern, Process, Simulation and Effects. Science Press, 2004.
(2) Li Jing, Chen Yunhao, Liu Zhigang, etc., Island and Coastal Environmental Remote Sensing. Science Press, 2010.
(3) Wen Dou, Yunhao Chen, Xiaobing Li. A General Framework for Component Substitution Image Fusion: An Implementation Using the Fast Image Fusion Method, Computers & the Geosciences,2007,33:219-228
(4) CHEN Yunhao, Wen Dou, Jing Li. Shadow Information Recovery in Urban Areas from Very High Resolution (VHR) Satellite Imagery, International Journal of Remote Sensing, V28, (15):3249–3254
(5) CHEN Yunhao, Yang bo, Li jing. Detection of Coal Fire Location and Change Based on Multi-temporal Thermal Remotely-Sensed Data and Field Measurements, International Journal of Remote Sensing. V28, (15):3173–3179
(6) CHEN Yunhao, Lijing, Denglei. DEM Accuracy Comparison between Different Models from Different Stereo Pairs, International Journal of Remote Sensing. 2007, 4217–4224

Patents for Invention
(1) An Adjustable Remote-Sensing Image Fusion Method Based on Wavelet Transformation
Patent Number: ZL20041008832.X
(2) An Assessment System and Method of Balancing Static Ecological Assets
Patent Number: ZL 200410058062.4

8. Honors and Awards
(1) The Seventh National Youth Geographic Technology Award, in 2003
(2) First Recipient of the Second Prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award for Surveying and Mapping, in 2006
(3) First Recipient of the Third Prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award for Surveying and Mapping, in 2010

9. Students Supervised

Since 2003 -- postgraduates in Geographic Information Systems
Since 2006 -- Ph.D. candidates in Geographic Information Systems

10. Personal Presence

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