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1. Photo

2. Resume
Born in Nanyang City of Henan Province in 1978, I was admitted as a Forestry Major to the College of Forest Resources and Environment of Beijing Forestry University in September 1996, and I was awarded a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture in 2000. Having been admitted to the Vegetation Ecology Department of the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences at Beijing University in 2000, I received a Master’s degree in Science in 2003. That year I was also enrolled in the Department of Geography at Hong Kong University. I was awarded a doctorate in Philosophy in 2008. Afterwards, I took a position at The Resource College of Beijing Normal University. To this point, I have been in charge of and involved in six research projects. My thesis was accepted and published [[amount to 20 among which 5 were accepted by SCI and 3 were accepted by EI and ISTP.WHAT?]]

3. Teaching Experience
Currently lecturing on
Tourism Resources Planning and Development, a professional course for undergraduates
Previously lectured on
General Ecology, a course required by their majors, for undergraduates, joint teaching (2008)
Natural Resources Ecology, a course required by their majors, for post-graduates, joint teaching (2009)

4. Social Work
Under construction

5. Scientific Research
Major research fields: Landscape Ecology, Vegetation Ecology, Urban Ecology, Ecological Assessment and Planning
Major research directions: Landscape assessment and planning of urban green space, urban green space feature-benefit analysis, arid and semi-arid grassland degradation driving mechanisms, the relationship between grassland degradation and global change, among others
Research work:
As Project Leader
2009 - 2011 the Free Exploration project of ESPRE: Evaluation of the Greenland Pattern in the Air and Landscape Ecological Plan for the Greenland Network on the Ground in Crowded Cities
2008 - 2009 a Youth Fund project of Beijing Normal University: Evaluation of the Pollution Situation and an Impact Assessment for the East River Basin
As Project Participant
2008 - Present The second task of the National Water Pollution Control and Treatment Technology Project: Divided Research for First and Second Classes of Water Ecological Functions in the Key Basin
2008 - 2009 Sub-task of the Hi-tech Project for Transportation Construction in West China: Research on Basic Conditions for Ecological Recovery During Highway Construction around Changbai Mountain
2000 - 2004 National Natural Science Fund Project: Vegetation Evolution and Its Historical Impact on Sandstorms in the Hebei Dam Region
2002 National Natural Science Fund Project: Alpine Timberline on Taibai Mountain and Wutai Mountain and Their Reactions to Climate Change
Academic activities
2010 - Present Reviewer for the Journal of Urban Planning and Development,(SCIļ¼ŒSSCI)
2007 - Present Member of the Chinese Association of Landscape Ecology, taking part in various national and international academic communication activities
October 17-18, 2004 Reported at the First Communication Meeting of Post-graduates from Guangdong and Hong Kong and Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou
December 17-18, 2005 The Fourth National Academic Meeting for Landscape Ecology, Shenzhen Postgraduates College of Beijing University, in Shenzhen
November 22-23, 2006 The Second Communication Meeting between Postgraduates from Guangdong and Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University
July 8-12, 2007 The Seventh International Landscape Ecology Conference (put up posters), Wagenigen, the Netherlands
November 22-25, 2007 Reported at the Fifth National Academic Meeting for Landscape Ecology, Beijing

6. Training and Communication
Under construction

7. Research Results
Published theses
Tian Y H, Jim C Y, Tao Y, Shi T. Landscape ecological assessment of green space fragmentation in Hong Kong. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening. (SCI accepted).
Tian Y H, Liu J M, Jim C Y. 2010. Landscape planning of the green network at the Tai Po Industrial Estate in Hong Kong. 2010 International Conference on Energy and Environment Technology (the 2nd ICEET). IEEE CS. (Ei & ISTP accepted)
Tian Y H, Jim C Y, Tao Y. 2010. Factors of the spatial pattern of green cover in the compact city of Hong Kong. IEEE CS. (Ei & ISTP accepted)
Liu J M, Tian Y H*, Zhang L B. 2010. Study of the relationship of urban green space areas and ecological responses in Beijing City, China. Conference on Environmental Pollution and Public Health. Scientific Research Publishing, USA, pp 503-508. (ISTP accepted) (*Corresponding author)
Liu H Y, Yin Y, Ren J, Tian Y H, Ren J, Wang H Y. Climactic and anthropogenic controls of topsoil features on the semi-arid East Asian steppe. Geographical Research Letters, 2008, 35, L04401, doi: 10.1029/2007/GL032980. (SCI accepted)
Liu H Y, Wang Y, Tian Y H, Zhu J JL, Wang H Y. Climactic and anthropogenic controls of surface pollen on the East Asian steppes. Review of Paleobotany and Palynology, 2006, 138(3-4): 281-289 (SCI accepted)
Liu H Y, Tian Y H, Ding D. Contributions of different land cover types in the Otindag Sandy Land and Baschang areas of Hebei Province to the material source of sandstorm weather in Beijing. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2003, 48(11): 1229-1232 (SCI accepted)
Liu H Y, Cui H T, Tian Y H, Xu L H. Tempo-spatial variances of Holocene precipitation at the marginal portion of the eastern Asia monsoon area: influences from pollen evidence. Acta Botanica Sinica, 2002, 44(9): 1105-1122 (SCI accepted)
Tian Y H, Jiang Y, Gu W, Yin X Q, Han J G, Tao Y. Ecological influence of divided zone of highway construction around Changbai Mountain in Jilin Province. Jilin Transportation Science and Technology, 2010, 3.
Xiong X, Jiang Y, Ren F P, Dong M Y, Tian Y H, Lei Y M. Land usage change and its ecological influence on the waters of the river network in the Lower reaches of the East River. Journal of Natural Resources, 2010, 25(8): 1320-1330.
Tian Y H, Ji Z K, Liu H Y. Main climate factors and land cover effects on sandstorms in the central part of the Inner Mongolia plateau, Journal of Applied Meteorological Science, 16(4): 476-483.
Tian Y H, Liu H Y. Major issues in grassland landscape ecology research and its progress. Journal of Applied Ecology Science, 2003, 14(3): 427-433.
Tian Y H, Liu H Y, Lu P L. Preliminary analysis of the relationship between summer corn growth and environmental factors in the hilly Yucheng area. Journal of Applied Meteorological Science, 2003, 14(4): 509-512.
Tian J, Liu H Y, Tian Y H, Dai J H. Vegetation characteristics and the distribution pattern around the upper forest limits in the Guandi Mountain area of Shanxi Province. Journal of Mountain Science, 2003, 21(1): 63-67. (Core journal)
Liu H Y, Cao Y L, Tian J, Dai J H, Tian Y H, Cui H Y. Vegetation landscape of the alpine timberline of Wutai Mountain in Shanxi Province. Journal of Plant Ecology, 2003, 27(2): 263-269. (Core journal)

Meeting reports
November 22-25, 2007 Tian Y H, Zhan Z Y. Stimulation (Simulation?) of resistance effects index and ecological landscape connection index of the Greenland system in crowded Hong Kong. The Fifth National Academic Meeting for Landscape Ecology, Beijing
July 8-12, 2007 Tian Y H, Jim C Y. Landscape fragmentation of urban green spaces in Hong Kong. Proceeding of the 7th World Congress of IALE, with the theme, “25 Years of Landscape Ecology: Scientific Principles in Practice,” Wageningen, the Netherlands

8. Honors and awards
Under construction

9. Students Directed
Under construction

10. Personal Characteristics
Social activities
Member of PGSA at Hong Kong University: participating in investigation camping, and exploration activities in Hong Kong and Mainland China.
Member of the Tennis Association of Beijing University: taking part in various competitions on- and off-campus.
Member of The Society of Scientific Exploration and Outdoor Life of Beijing Forestry University: participating in road trips and camping, investigation (?), tree planting, and in activities in cooperation with other associations
Hobbies: tennis, badminton, ping pong, traveling

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