Huang Yongmei

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1. Photo

2. Profile
(1) Working experience
2009.9- now The Resource College, Beijing Normal University (BNU), PhD supervisor
2007.9- now The Resource College, BNU, associate professor
2003.8-2007.8 Institute of Resource Sciences at Beijing Normal University, lecturer
1999.7-2000.8 Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, assistant researcher

(2) Education
2000.9-2003.7 The Resource College at BNU, Ecology, PhD.
1996.9-1999.7 College of Urban and Environmental Sciences at Peking University, Vegetation Geography Orientation of Environmental Geography, master
1991.9-1996 College of Urban and Environmental Sciences at Peking University, Vegetation Geography Orientation of Environmental Geography, bachelor

3. Teaching Fields
(1) Courses for undergraduates
Plant Resource Science. Ms. Huang has been lecturing on this course since 2006. Time of teaching: 2nd semester of the 1st academic year, students type: sophomores of Resources Science and Engineering majors
Field Practice of Plant Resource Science: Ms. Huang has served as practice supervisor since 2007. Duration: 1 week during summer vacation, Students type: sophomores majoring Resources Science and Engineering
(2) Courses for postgraduates
Experimental Ecology: Ms. Huang has been lecturing on this course since Sep. 2003. Time of teaching: 1st semester of the 1st academic year, Students type: Grade one postgraduates majoring in Resources Science and Engineering
(3) Educational Reform Practice
Study on Optimizing Practice Teaching System of Plant and Vegetation Resources, a teaching construction and reform project of BNU, RMB 50.000, 2010.1-2011.12 (main participant)

4. Scientific Research
(1) Presiding projects
[1] Experimental study on relations between carbon sequestration and moisture of plant community in agriculture-pasture transition zone of north China (40871031), a General Program of Chinese National Natural Science Foundation (CNNSF), 2009-2011 (RMB 440,000)
[2] Reducing carbon dioxide and increasing carbon sink: artificial grassland construction and natural grassland protection (90711001), a sub-project of Major Program of CNNSF. 2008-2011 (RMB 250,000)
[3] Study on the optimization of landscape configuration pattern in Mu Us Desert based on water balance, CNNSF, 2005-2007 (RMB 300,000)
[4] Study on quantitative evaluation on urban green space and its optimization, RMB 30,000, 2008-2009
[5] Effects of acid deposition on forest plants, RMB 100,000, a cross-cutting project, 2004-2008
(2) Major scientific projects participation
[1] Land use transformation and ecological function replacement (2007CB106806), 2007.1-2011.12, a National 973 Program project
[2] Study on ecological reconstruction and sustainable development of mountain basin system in the northern slope of Tianshan Mountain (40435014), a Major Program of CNNSF, 2005-2008 (RMB 1500, 000)
[3] Study of optimized eco-productive paradigm in the farming-pastoral zone of North China, a National Key Development Program on Basic Research, 2000-2005
[4] Development of Chinese large-scale renewable energy source bases and technology
[5] Study on sustainable development mode of Binhai New Area (2006BAC18B02), 2006.1-2010.12, a scientific support program
[6] The measurement and assessment of meadow and landscape change of Donglingshan and Baihuashan scenic spots in Beijing, a project sponsored by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Forestry and Parks.
[7] Feasibility study on sand control in Liuwu New Area and its neighboring areas in Lhasa, Tibet
[8] A featured research on biodiversity conservation in key areas of China: Biodiversity inventory and assessment to species in Ordos Plateau, sponsored by CNNSF, 1998-2002
[9] Impacts of climate change on alpine vegetation on Wutai Mountains and Taibai Mountain, sponsored by CNNSF, 1999-2001
[10] A systematic study on landscape boundaries swing in key areas of ecological transition zone in North China, sponsored by CNNSF, 1996-1999

5. Academic Exchanges
Yongmei Huang, Lei Duan, Teng Jin, Yongsen Yang, Jiming Hao. Effect of limestone and magnesite application on a masson pine forest ecosystem in Southwest China. Acid Rain 2005-7th International Conference on Acid Deposition, Prague, Czech Republic, Jun. 12-17, 2005
Academic report on CO2 control based on basic research, the 26th Shuangqing Forum, 2008.1.24
Ecological-hydrological research on inland river basins, the 27th Shuangqing Forum, 2008.4
Conference on applications of stable isotope technology to ecological studies, 2008.10.26-28
Ecological features of psammophytic vegetation in Mu Us, Inner Mongolia-- based on water balance study, Responses of forest-steppe transitional vegetation to climate change and human disturbance: comparative study between southern Siberia and Inner Mongolia, 2009.4, Beijing, China
Optimal land use pattern on Zhifanggou Watershed on hilly region of Loess Plateau, China: application of a process-based water balance model, 6th International Symposium on Ecosystem Behavior BIOGEOMON2009,2009.7, Helsinki, Finland
Biodiversity and Its Ecological Function of Com. Stipa krylovii with Human Activity. Vegetation of the subarid Regions: eco1ogica1 gradients, spatial patterns, and C1imatically induced trends, Novosibirsk, Russia, 2010.8.19-21

6. Academic Achievements
Li x, Huang Y M, Gong J R, Zhang X S. 2010, A study of the development of bio-energy resources and the status of eco-society in China. Energy, 35(11): 4451-4456 (SCI, correspondent)
Gong Jirui, Huang Yongmei, Ge Zhiwei, Duan Qingwei, et al. 2009. Ecological responses to soil water change of four hybrid populus. Journal of Plant Ecology, 33(2): 387-396
Huang Yongmei, Gong Jirui, Zhang Xinshi. 2008. Key issues and advances in the study of biotic carbon sequestration in china. Bulletin of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 5: 268~271
Li Weimin, Jiang Yuan, Li Yanming, Huang Yongmei, Li Xiaoming. 2007. Assessing meadow vegetation degradation in the tourist attraction Dongling Mountain of Beijing. Resources Science, 4:70-76
Zhang Jun, Huang Yongmei, Jiao Huijing, Xia Xiandong. 2007. Eco-physiological mechanism of artemisia ordosica community succession in Mu Us Desert. Journal of Desert Research, 7(6): 977-983 (correspondent)
Huang Yongmei, Zhang Mingli. 2006. Temporal and spatial changes of plant community diversity on the Ordos Plateau. Biodiversity Science, 14(1): 13-20
Huang Yongmei, Duan Lei, Jin Teng, et al. 2006. Effect of limestone and magnetite on masson pine growing on acidified soil. Acta ecologica Sinica, 26(3): 786-792
J R Gong, A F Zhao, Y M Huang, X S Zhang. 2006. Water relation, gas exchange, photochemical efficiency and peroxidative stress of four species in Heihe drainage basin, North China. Photosynthetica. (SCI, In press) (correspondent)
Qiong Gao, Mei Yu, Xinshi Zhang, Hongmei Xu, Yongmei Huang. 2005. Modelling seasonal and diurnal dynamics of stomatal conductance of plants in s semiarid environment. Functional Plant Biology, 32: 583-598 (SCI)
[10] Xu Hongmei, Jia Haikun, Huang Yongmei. 2005. A simulation model of net primary production at watershed scale in hilly and ravine area of the Loess Plateau, China. Acta ecologica Sinica, 25(5): 1064-1074
Lei Duan, Yongmei Huang, Jiming Hao, Shaodong Xie, Min Hou. 2004. Vegetation uptake of nitrogen and base cations in China and its role in soil acidification. Science of the Total Environment, 330: 187-198(SCI)
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7. Students Tutored
(1) PhD candidate
Qi Yu (grade 2010)
(2) Master degree candidates and masters
Zhang Jun (grade 2008), thesis title: A Physiological ecology study on artemisia ordosica in the Mu Us Desert (co-supervised with another supervisor). The student was granted master degree in July, 2007.
Jiao Huijing (grade 2005), thesis title: Analysis on vegetation recovering rate and land use change in Mu Us hinterland over the past two decades——take Wushen Banner of Inner Mongolia for example. The student was granted master degree in July, 2008.
Zhao Jie (grade 2007), thesis title: Effects of soil moisture on characteristics and biomass allocation of lucerne and Chinese wildrye. The student was granted master degree in July, 2010.
Qi Yu (grade 2010)
Wang Yan (grade 2009)
Zhang Jinghui (grade 2010)
(3) Undergraduates
Liu Di (grade 2005), bachelor's degree thesis: An analysis on the potential of developing Chinese tamarisk biomass resource in margin place of South Xinjiang. The student was granted Bachelor degree in Science in 2009.
Liao Jianhui (grade 2005), bachelor's degree thesis: Carbon sequestrations of Chinese wildrye under different management mechanisms. The student was granted Bachelor degree in Science in 2009.
Zhou Haoran (grade 2006), bachelor's degree thesis: Effects of human intervention on plant community of Stipa Krylovii. The student was granted Bachelor degree in Science in 2010.
Liu Min (grade 2006), bachelor's degree thesis: Study on the carbon sequestrations of Stipa Krylovii based on CENTURY model under different management mechanisms. The student was granted Bachelor degree in Science in 2010.
Wang Hongjun (grade 2007)

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