Gong Jirui

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Gong Jirui: Advanced laboratory
Tel: 58805726
Emai: jrgong@bnu.edu.cn
Research interests: Mainly engaged in research on Physiological Ecology: the interaction and mechanism between plant and environment (soil, atmosphere, water, etc.), the adaptability of organisms to the environment, plant metabolism and the energy conversion under environmental influences, as well as soil microorganisms. Recently she has been engaged in studies on carbon cycle of planted forests.


Educational background
1989.9-1991.7, Gardening Major, Department of Gardening, Ningxia Agricultural College
1999.9-2002.7, Natural Geography Major, Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and received her master's degree in science.
2003.9-2006.7, Studied Physical Geography Major, College of Resources Science & Technology at Beijing Normal University and earned a PhD degree.

Work Experience
1991.9-1992.3, Socialist Ideological Education for Rural Areas, of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region1992.3-1999.7, Agricultural Bureau of Haiyuan county, Ningxia2006.9-present, College of Resources Science & Technology, Beijing Normal University

2. Teaching experience
Experimental teaching and management for undergraduates, Teaching Experiment Center of Resources Science and Engineering Major.
Specialized course "Experimental Ecology" for Master candidates.
Undergraduate course: "Plant Resources Experiment."

3.Scientific research
Participating in a sub-topic of National Key Basic Research Development Project (Project 973) —"Research on Northern China Desertification Control Process and its Monitoring and Harnessing," namely "Biological Processes of Desertification and Reconstruction Mechanism of Vegetation Restoration." (2000-2003)
Participating in the special fund of National Hundred Talents Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences. (1999-2003)
Participating in National Key Basic Research Development Project (Project 973) — "Ecological System Reconstruction Mechanism of Grass and Farming Zigzag Zone and Optimization of Ecological-production Paradigm." (2003-2005)
Participating in the Project 948 of the State Forestry Administration "Introduction to High Quality Fast-growing Poplar and Flowering Shrub and its Cultivation Technique." (2003-2008)
Participating in National Natural Science Foundation Key Project: "Ecological Reconstruction and Sustainable Development Model Research on North Slope of Mt. Tianshan's Basin System." (2005-2008)
Presiding over the "The Introduction Adaptability and Physiological Ecology Research on Two Cultivated Poplar Seedlings," supported by the Beijing Normal University Youth Fund. (2006-2009)
Presiding over the Fujian province Key Laboratory Project in Fujian Normal University: "The Introduction Adaptability of Cultivated Poplar Seedlings and Optimal Allocation of Shelter Forest." (2007-2010)
Presiding over the Natural Fund Project: "A Study on Carbon and Nitrogen Balance Mechanism of a Poplar Planted Forest and the Carbon Storage Function.” (2008-2011)
Participating in a sub-topic of National Key Basic Research Development Project (Project 973): "The Scientific Basis of Ecological System Maintenance and Adaptability Management of North Grass and Farming Zigzag Zone," namely the Principle and Paradigm of North Grassland Sustainable Development." (2007-2012)
Participating the Science and Technology Support Project: "The Research and Experimentation on Quicksand Fixation and Artificial Vegetation Reconstruction Technique of the South Tibetan Wide Valley." (2008-2012)
Participating in the "Research on the Ecological Construction and Sustainable Development Strategy of Sinkiang," the Major Consultative Projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. (2006-2009)
Participating in the independent research subject of National Key Laboratory: "The Change of Landscape Structure and Pattern Under the Influence of Human Activities and its Ecological Effect." (2008-2010)

4.Research achievements
Gong Ji-rui, Zhang Li-xin, Zhao Ai-fen, Bi Yu-rong. Elementary Studies on Physiological and Bio-chemical Anti-drought Features of Artemisia Ordosica. Journal of Desert Research, 2002, 22(4): 387-392.
Gong Ji-rui, Zhao Ai-fen, Zhang Li-xin, Zhang Xin-shi. A comparative Study on Anti-oxidative Ability of Several Desert Plants Under Drought Stress. Actabotanica Boreali-occidentalia Sinica, 2004, 24(9): 1570-1577.
Gong Ji-rui, Zhao Ai-fen, Zhang Xin-shi. Comparative Study on Succulentxerophytes and Mesophytes for Their Response to Drought Stress. Journal of Beijing Normal University (Natural Science), 2005, 41(2): 194-198A.
Gong Ji-rui, Zhao Ai-fen, Su Pei-xi, Huang Cheng-hong. Comparative Study on Photosynthetic Characteristics of Several Dominant Plants in Heihe Drainage Basin. Journal of Desert Research, 2005, 25(4): 587-592.
Gong Ji-rui, Kang Mu-yi, Li Qiang, etc. The Reformation Idea of Laboratory Construction in Colleges and Universities. Experimental Technology and Management, 2008, 25(10), 155-184.
You Xin, Gong Ji-rui, Zhang Xin-shi, etc. Chlorophyll Fluorescence Characteristics of Photosystem II of Two Cultivated Crossbreeds Poplars Seedlings. Acta Ecologyca Sinica, 2008, 28(12), 1-8. (Corresponding author)
Gong Ji-rui, Huang Yong-mei, Zhang Xin-shi, etc. Ecological Responses to Soil Water Content in Four Hybrid Populus Clones. Journal of Plant Ecology (Chinese Version). 2009, 33 (2) 387-396. 13.09.
Ge Zhi-wei, Gong Ji-rui, Zhang Xin-shi. Diurnal and Monthly Variation of Soil Respiration during the Growing Season in Yili, Xinjiang. Journal of Nanjing Forestry University (Natural Science Edition), 2009, 33 (2)65-68. (Corresponding author)
Huang Yong-mei, Gong Ji-rui, Zhang Xin-shi. Key Issues in Studying Biotic Carbon Sequestration in China. Bulletin of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2008, 68-272.
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J R Gong, A F Zhao, Y M Huang, X S Zhang. Water Relations, Gas Exchange, Photochemical Efficiency, and Peroxidative Stress of Four Plant Species in the Heihe Drainage Basin of Northern China. Photosynthetica, 2006, 44 (3): 355-364. (SCI)
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Zhang Chunlai, Zou Xueyong, Gong Ji-rui, Liu Lianyou, Liu Yuzhang. Aerodynamic Roughness of Cultivated Soil and its Influences on Soil Erosion by Wind in a Wind Tunnel. Soil and Tillage Research, 2004, 75(1):53-59. (SCI)
Xia Li, Yongmei Huang, Gong Ji-rui, Xinshi Zhang. A Study Of The Development Of Bio-Energy. Resources and the Status of Eco-Society in China. Energy, 2009, doi:10.1016.

5.Students supervised
Ge Zhiwei, Ph.D. of Grade 2006 (Co-supervised )Duan Qingwei, Ph.D. of Grade 2006 (Co- supervised )You Xin, Ph.D. of Grade 2006 (Co- supervised) An Ran, master of Grade 2008Yan Xin, master of Grade 2009Zhang Ziyu, master of Grade 2010

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