Zhu Wenquan

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Online Profile

Basic information
Name: Zhu Wenquan, Ph.D, Associate Professor
Tel: 010-58802932
Email: zhuwq75@bnu.edu.cn
Work location: The Resource College, Beijing Normal University
Research field: remote sensing data processing, remote sensing survey of vegetation ecological parameters, ecological benefits and in crop sown areas

Resume Education
October 2009 - October 2010 Visiting scholar at Auburn University in the U.S.
September 2002 - July 2005 Awarded a DSC degree in Cartography and Geography Information Systems from The Resource College, Beijing Normal University
September 1999 - July 2002 Awarded an MSC degree in Botany from Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology, The Chinese Academy of Science
September 1995 - July 1999 Awarded a B.S degree in Biology Education from the Biology Department of Hunan Normal University

Work experience
August, 2009 - present Associate professor at the Resource College, Beijing Normal University
August, 2005 - July, 2009 Lecturer at the Resource College, Beijing Normal University

Teaching experience
Undergraduates:Digital Image Processing
Post-graduates:Remote Sensing Model Experiment on Resources and the Environment

Social work
2007 - present Work at the Environmental Economics Branch of the Chinese Society of Environmental Science

Scientific Research
As Project Leader
October 2010 - December 2012 ESPRE project: Research on the Relationship Between Plant Phenology and Climate Change in Northern China.” (Project number 2010-ZY-09)
November 2007 - October 2010 Division project of the National 863 Plan: Multi-scale Remote Sensing and Monitoring of Cropland Changes.” (Project number 2006AA120103-03)
April 2008 - March 2009 Project of the Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning: Evaluation of the Economic Loss Caused by Ecosystem Destruction, and Software System Construction
December 2005 - December 2006 Project of the Huzhou Reform and Development Committee: Development of an Accounting Software System for Green GDP in Huzhou
October 2005 - October 2007 Beijing Normal University, Fund for Young Scientists: Research on the Relationship between the NPP of Terrestrial Ecosystem Vegetation and Climate Change

As Project Participant
October 2006 - October 2010 Vice director of the National 863 Project: Sample Selection and Management System of Spatialization for Rural Sample Investigation (2006AA120103), mainly responsible for research on Multi-scale Remote Sensing Monitoring Technology for Cropland Changes
October 2006 - October 2010 Vice director of the National 863 Project: System for Remote Sensing Surveying and Yield Estimation in National Major Grain Producing Areas (2006AA120101), mainly responsible for the Construction of a Remote Sensing Evaluation Model for Crop Acreage in Sown Areas
May 2004 - May 2006 National 863 Project: Technical Code and the Application of a Remote Sensing Evaluation Model to Crop Acreage, mainly responsible for Remote Sensing Interpretation and Field Mapping
January 2004 - December 2006 NSFD Project (Natural Science Foundation of China): Remote Sensing Analysis of the Reaction of NPP to Climate Changes in Different Types of Land in East Asia (40371001),finished NPP model construction and estimated monthly NPP in China and East Asia
June 2003 - June 2005 National 863 Project: Quantitative Measurement of the Ecological Assets in West China Using Remote Sensing (2002AA133060), responsible for building Measuring Model: Ecological Measuring in Inner Mongolia
September 2003 - October 2005 National 793 Project: Reconstruction Mechanism and Optimizing Eco-productive Paradigm in Ecotone of Grassland and Husbandry (G2000018604), mainly involved in Surveying Third Phase Land Coverage

Education Reform Projects
December 2007 - December 2008 Education Reform Project at Beijing Normal University: Making Multimedia Presentations for Using Digital Image Processing
June 2006 - June 2008 Education Reform Project at Beijing Normal University: Research on Bilingual Education in Applications for Resources Remote Sensing
Training and Exchanges
September 2004 International Geosciences and Remote Sensing Symposium held by the IEEE in Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.
August 2007 Symposium held by the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers in Wuhan, China

Research Results
Main theses in recent years
Liu Jianhong, Zhu Wenquan*. Analysis of the Accuracy and Efficiency of Spatial Sampling Schemes for Cropland Change. The Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering Journal, 2010, 26(10): 331~336. (EI)
Liu Jianhong, Zhu Wenquan*, Liu Qiufeng. Climate change signal detection from multi-temporal MODIS NDVI data. The 5th International Conference on Environment Science and Technology. July 12-16, 2010, Houston, Texas, US. (ISTP)
Liu Jianhong, Zhu Wenquan*. Cropland Plot Extraction Based on Texture Analysis and Multi-spectral Image Classification. The 18th International Conference on Geoinformatics. June 18-20, 2010, Beijing. (ISTP/EI)
Hu Tangao, Zhu Wenquan*, Yang Xiaoqiong, Pan Yaozhong, Zhang Jinshui/ Research on Methods of Farmland Plot Extraction Based on High-resolution Remote Sensing Images. Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis, 2009, 29(10): 2703~2707. (SCI)
Pang Xinhua, Zhu Wenquan*, Pan Yaozhong, Jia Bin. Research on Methods of Farmland Plot Extraction Based on High-resolution Remote Sensing Images. Science of Surveying and Mapping, 2009, 34(1): 48~49.
Song Guobao, Zhu Wenquan*. Evaluation of Health Damage Caused by Air Pollution in Huzhou, China. Environmental Pollution and Public Health Proceedings, June 2009, Beijing. (ISTP)
Lei Yanfei, Zhu Wenquan*, Pan Yaozhong, Xu Chao. Comparison of Winter Wheat Classifications Using Multi-temporal IRS-P6 images. IGARSS 2008. July 2008. (ISTP/EI)
Yang Xiaoqiong, Zhu Wenquan*, Pan Yaozhong, Song Guobao. Estimation of Vegetation Coverage Based on Improved Sub-Pixel Model. Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology, 2008, 12(6): 987~994.
Jia Bin, Zhu Wenquan*, Pan Yaozhong, Song Guobao, Hu Tangao. Sensitivity Analysis of Pre-classification Accuracy Based on Remote Sensing Images of Land Area Estimation from Spatial Sampling. Journal of Remote Sensing, 2008, 12(6): 987~994.
Yu Deyong, Zhu Wenquan* and Pan Yaozhong. The Role the Atmospheric Circulation System plays in the Coupling Relationship between Spring NPP and Precipitation in the East Asia area. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 2008, 145: 135~143. (SCI)
Zhu Wenquan*, Pan Yaozhong, Zhang Jinshui. Estimation of Net Primary Productivity of Chinese Terrestrial Vegetation Based on Remote Sensing. Journal of Plant Ecology, 2007, 31(3): 413~424.
Zhu Wenquan*, Zhang Jinshui, Pan Yaozhong, Yang Xiaoqiong, Jia Bin. Measurement and Dynamic Analysis of Ecological Assets of a Terrestrial Ecosystem in China. Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology, 2007, 18(3): 586~594.
W. Zhu* X. Pang, Y. Pan, B. Jia, X. Yang. A Spectral Preservation Fusion Method Based on Band Ratio and Wighted Combination, in MIPPR 2007: Multispectral Image Processing, Edited by Henri Maître, Hong Sun, Jianguo Liu, Enmin Song, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 6787 (SPIE, Bellingham, WA, U.S., 2007), 67871D. (ISTP/EI)
Zhu Wenquan*,Pan Yaozhong, Yang Xiaoqiong, Song Guobao. Influence of Climate Change on Land Vegetation Net Primary Productivity in China. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2007, 52(21): 2535~2541.
ZHU WenQuan, PAN YaoZhong, YANG XiaoQiong, Song GuoBao. Comprehensive Analysis of the Impact of Climactic Changes on Chinese Terrestrial Net Primary Productivity. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2007, 52(23): 3250~3260. (SCI)
Yang Xiaoqiong, Zhu Wenquan*, Pan Yaozhong, Jia Bin. Spatial Sampling Design for Crop Acreage Estimation. The Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering Journal, 2007, 23(12): 150~155. (EI)
Zhu Wenquan*,Pan Yaozhong, He Hao, Yu Deyong, Hu Haibo. Estimation of the Maximum Light Utilization Efficiency of Typical Vegetation in China. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2006, 51(6): 700~706.
Zhu Wenquan*, Yaozhong Pan, Hao He, Deyong Yu and Haibo Hu. Simulation of Maximum Light Utilization Efficiency for Typical Vegetation Types in China. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2006, 51(4): 457~463. (SCI)
ZHU Wenquan*, PAN Yao-zhong, HE Hao, WANG Ai-ling. Spatio-temporal Distribution of Net Primary Productivity Along the Northeast China Transect and its Response to Climactic Change. Journal of Forestry Research, 2006, 17(2): 93~98.
Zhu Wenquan*, Pan Yaozhong, Long Zhonghua, Chen Yunhao, Li Jing, Hu Haibo. Estimating Net Primary Productivity of Terrestrial Vegetation Based on GIS and RS: A Case Study in Inner Mongolia, China. Journal of Remote Sensing, 2005, 9(3): 114~121.
Zhu Wenquan*, Chen Yunhao, Xu Dan, Li Jing. Research Progress on a Calculating Model for Net Primary Productivity of Terrestrial Vegetation. Chinese Ecology Journal, 2005, 24(3): 296~300.
PAN Yaozhong, SHI Peijun, Zhu Wenquan*, GU Xiaohe, FAN Yida & LI Jing. Measurement of Ecological Assets of a Chinese Terrestrial Ecosystem Based on Remote Sensing. Science China (Series D), 2005, 48(6): 786~796. (SCI)
He Hao, Pan Yaozhong, Zhu Wenquan*, Liu Xulong, Zhang Qing, Zhu Xiufang. Measurement of Terrestrial Ecosystem Service Value in China. Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology, 2005, 16(6): 1122~1127.
Zhu Wenquan*,Chen Yunhao, Pan Yaozhong, Li Jing, Xu Dan. Estimation of Light Utilization Efficiency of Chinese Vegetation Based on GIS and RS. Journal of Wuhan University, 2004, 29(8): 694~698.
Pan Yaozhong, Shi Peijun, Zhu Wenquan*, Gu Xiaopeng, Fan Yida, Li Jing. Quantitative Measurement of Ecological Assets of a Chinese Territorial Ecosystem Based on Remote Sensing. Science China, 2004, 34(4): 374~384.

Copyrighted software
Remote sensing verification system V1.0 for submitted statistics (registration No. 2010SR048863)
Accounting system V1.0 for green GDP in Huzhou, (registration No. 2007SR07290)Evaluation system V1.0 for vegetation net primary productivity, (registration No. 2007SR17671)

Honors and Awards
August 2009, Land Usage/Coverage and The Influence Mechanism on Ecology, Research Achievements Award of the Ministry of Education, ranked 15th, Ministry of Education of the P.R.C.
February 2009, Genuine Medicinal Materials Division and Resources Monitoring based on Modern Special Analysis Technology, Scientific Technology Award of the China Association of Chinese Medicine, second prize, ranked 5th, China Association of Chinese Medicine
January 2009, Building an Ecological Evaluation System for Genuine Medicinal Materials Based on “3S” Technology, second prize for scientific technology advancement in Chinese medicine, ranked 5th, China Academy of Chinese Medical Science
June 2008, Teaching System Construction and Innovation for Resources Information Technology Experiment and Practice, school-level first prize, Award for Higher Education Teaching Achievement, ranked 4th, Beijing Normal University
January 2008, Multi-media Teaching Software for Image Restoration, Multi-media Teaching Software Contest, third prize, Beijing Normal University
October 2004, Remote Sensing Survey Technology and Demonstration for Application to Multi-scale Ecological Assets, third prize, Award for Surveying and Mapping Technology, ranked 12th, Chinese Society of Surveying and Mapping

Students Directed
2003 You Fang (thesis for undergraduates) , Li Wenqing (thesis for undergraduates)
2007 Cai Jixuan (undergraduates fund)

2003 He Hao (joint training)
2004 Liu Xin (joint training)
2005 Yang Xiaoqiong (joint training), Jia Bin (joint training), Pang Xinhua (joint training)
2006 Lei Yanfei (joint training), Xu Chao (joint training)
2007 Hou Dong (joint training)
2008 Liu Jianhong
2009 Wang Lingli, Mu Minjie (joint training)
2010 Zhang Junzhe, Jiang Nan (joint training), Cao Sen (joint training), Li Yuting (joint training)

2006 Song Guobao (joint training)
2007 Li le (joint training)
2008 Li Lingling (joint training)
2009 He Hao (joint training)
2010 Liu Jianhong (joint training)

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