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College of Resources Science & Technology was set up in 2003. The College makes a great progress in the construction teaching faulty, the talent cultivation and scientific research. There is a research and teaching team which has the influence at home and abroad. The student system of “Resources Science and Engineering” has been well established.

Science System Construction

Aiming at “Develop Resources Science, Cultivate Executive Research, Participate in Resource Development”, The College now strengthens the science system construction based on “Resources Science Basic Theories”, “Resources Management” and “Resources Technology and Engineering”.

The numbers of second class science increase from 2 (in 1997) to 13, and there are 7 doctoral programs and 13 master's degree programs. We recruit doctor students majoring in Physical Geography, Natural Resources, Natural Disaster Science, Cartography and Geography Information System, Human Geography, Ecology, Land Resources Management, and also we recruit master students majoring in Physical Geography, Natural Resource, Natural Disaster Science, Cartography and Geography Information System, Human Geography, Ecology, Land Resources Management, Regional Economics, Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Combating, Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering, Quaternary Geology and Science of Chinese Pharmacology.

“Resources Science and Engineering” bachelor's degree program was authorized by the Ministry of Education of China (MOE) in 2003. There are 107 Undergraduate students distributing in 4 grades now.
The College joined in compiling “Encyclopedia of China Resources Science” as the sponsor. And also the College convoked Resources Science Development Symposium as the Vice Chairman unit of China Society of Natural Resources in 2000.

Qualified Teachers and Talents Cultivation

The College of Resources Science & Technology has 40 faculty members in including 17 professors, 13 associate professors, 5 lecturers and 5 Administrators, of whom there are 1 academician of China Academy of Technology, 1 academician of China Academy of sciences, 1 professor of "Cheung Kong Scholars Programme", 1 winner of "National Outstanding Youth Foundation", 1 winner of “National Hundred Thousand Million Talents”, 2 New Century Excellent Talents in University. Furthermore, there are 30 prestigious distinguished professors, 6 researchers engaged by “985 Science-technology Innovation Plate” and 12 post doctors.

Most of teachers (more than 90%) have the doctor's degree, and some teachers (more than 45%) have study abroad and research experience. And the majors of teachers include Natural Science (Geography, Geology, Atmospheric Sciences, Biology), Engineering (Surveying and Mapping, Civil Engineering), Agronomy (Forestry), Medical Science (Science of Chinese Pharmacology) and Economics (Applied Economics), etc.

With the development of subject and teachers team, the College recruits more and more doctor students and master students: 30 undergraduate students, 55 master students and 45 doctor students every year. In 1997-2006 the college had recruited 180 doctor students, 259 and master students. There were 262 full time graduate students, including 105 doctor students and 157 master students. Therefore, 39 post doctors graduated in 1997-2006, and now it has14 full-time post doctors.

The College has cultivated 79 doctors and 140 masters for China's State Organizations, research institutes as well as universities and colleges. Statistics data indicate: 60 graduates working in research institutes and universities and colleges, 70 graduates further studying, and 48 graduates working in China's State Organizations (such as Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Land and Resources, State Forestry Bureau, State Environmental Protection Administration and local governments, etc).

Perfect scholarship and assistantship system has been founded. Except for certain monthly assistantship, students in the College can strive for “Panlongyunhai Scholarship” (10 thousand RMB per person, 10 persons each year), “Beijing Normal University Weikang Scholarship” and “Zhonglang Scholarship”, and all the scholarships are to encourage excellent students. And we invest dozens of thousand RMB in student activities.

Scientific Research

1. Research Projects and Funds
In the period of 2001 and 2006, the College had taken on more than 180 national and local projects, and accumulative fund was more than RMB 98,290,000, RMB 16,380,000 each year. The College has taken charge of 12 national projects (including “973”, “863” and "Eleven Fifth" Technology Innovation Project) during "Eleven Fifth" Plan period.
2. Awards
The College awards more than 20 awards at national and ministerial and provincial-level. A series of scientific research achievements are recognized by the governments and specialists at home and abroad.
3. Publications
Between 2001 and 2007, the College had published 1197 papers in domestic and international academic journals, including 153 SCI papers, 64 EI papers, 27 ISTP papers, 953 domestic core journal papers and 15 works.
4. Laboratory and Field Base
The College has National State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Resource Ecology, Center for Natural Medicine Engineering of China Ministry of Education, Beijing Municipal Key Laboratory of Exploiting Biological Resource and Biological Industry, and also has Control Desertification and Exploiting Biological Resource Experimental Investigation Field Base in Taipusiqiand, Maowusu Sand Ecosystem Field Base in Yulin, Sea Ice Utilization Field Base around the Bohai Sea West Bank, Earth Surface Processes and Flood/flood Simulation Field Base in Fangshan.

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